Increasing Form Speed

VPM Enterprise puts more functionality into the forms you create than any other comparable product by far. VPM Enterprise forms include a Related Forms engine, a Relational Integrity engine, Field Security, Control Security, field validation, an audit trail, field messages, activity tracking, and more.

While each of these features provides valuable functionality, they can slow down the operation of VPM Enterprise forms on older, under-powered computers. On such computers the reduction in speed may not justify the functionality provided by certain features. This chapter will provide some suggestions about how you can shut down functionality to improve application performance. However, as prices of computers fall, the better solution these days is usually to upgrade the hardware instead of giving up functionality.

The purpose of this section is to describe changes you can choose to make to VPM Enterprise forms and an applicationís environment that will increase form speed.


Generally, applications run faster as .EXE files than as .APP files. If you plan to distribute your application as an .APP, try running it as an .EXE to see how much speed is gained. You can create an .EXE using the VPM Enterprise Product Builder or the Visual FoxPro Project Manager.


Visual FoxPro applications respond significantly to increases in a computerís RAM. We recommend at least 512MB of RAM these days for all modern software and operating systems. Even more RAM is better.


Increasing Form Access Speed