New Project Strings

The New Project String Builder allows you to enter strings that will be included in the Strings table when you create a new VPME Multilingual application.

You reach the New Project String Builder from the PM-Admin / ProMatrix Setup menu.

Use the New Project String Builder to create String records for strings that you want included in the Strings table of each new project you create.

Ř To create a String record

1.   New: Click the New toolbar button. VPME adds a blank record.

2.   String ID: In the String ID text box, enter the first 50 characters of the string for which you are creating a String record. Make sure that the characters you enter are exactly the same as they will appear in the string that you add to an application. The String ID text box only allows you to enter up to 50 characters. Required.

3.   Use ID: Enter the string’s Use ID in the Use ID text box. Optional.

As its name implies, the Use Id field lets you identify the usage of the string. The Use ID lets you create alternative translations for the same string.

4.   Comments: Enter any comments you may have about the string or its usage. Optional.

5.   Locations: If you like, enter the locations in your application where the string is used. Optional.

6.   Save: Click the Save toolbar button.

The String record you save is created in the New Project Strings table in the VPME Data directory.


New Project String Translations