The VPM Enterprise Data Builder/Manager is the interface to the VPM Enterprise data dictionary tables listed below. You access these tables through the Data Builder in VPM Enterprise and through the Data Manager in your application.

       Database and CursorAdapter Library Data: SDATADDD.DBF

       Table, View and CursorAdapter Data: SDATADDTV.DBF

       Field Data: SDATADDF.DBF

       Candidate Key Data: SDATADDCK.DBF

       Data Sources Data: SDATADDDS.DBF

       Field Help Data: SDATADDFH.DBF

       Generated Key Data: SDATADDGK.DBF

       Index Tag Data: SDATADDIT.DBF

       Set Integrity Data: SDATADDSI.DBF

The structures of these tables are listed and explained in the following sections of this chapter.


Database and CursorAdapter Library Data