Your VPM Enterprise application starts by running the VPM Enterprise main application program named S<Prefix>FMAIN.PRG. You will find the main program in an application’s \PRGS directory. You can open and edit the main program by selecting it on the Code page of the Visual FoxPro Project Manager. The main program name appears in bold on the Code page.

Tip: When a new project is created the main program of the new project is created by copying and renaming the template main program SAPPFMAIN.PRG that is located in VPM Enterprise’s \NEW PROJECT directory. Therefore, any changes you make to the template main program will be carried over to the new projects you create.

This chapter takes you on a tour of the main program. You should learn what’s going on in the main program because you may need to modify it to handle special situations you encounter in your application development.


VPM Enterprise Main Application Program