The Application class is a custom, or non-visual, Visual FoxPro class. In a VPM Enterprise application the Application object is instantiated from this class and thereafter its properties and methods can be referenced or called using the _SCREEN.oApp object reference.

The Application class contains methods that set up an application’s environment, run the main menu, start event processing and cleanup the environment when the application closes. The Application class also contains methods that are called in multiple places throughout an application.

The VPM Enterprise-level Application class is named “VPMApp”, and it is located in the VPMAPP.VCX class library. The PROAPP.VCX class library contains a subclass of VPMApp named “ProApp”. From within an application the Application object is instantiated from the ProApp class. However, all of the Application class code is in the VPMApp class.

Class Browser

If you want to thoroughly explore this class, open the class library in the Class Browser, which you can run from the VPM Enterprise Tools menu. Select the class name in the class list. Click on the Class Browser’s View Class Code button to have the Class Browser export the class code to a Window. Then, print the class code. As you view the class code, properties will appear like memory variables and methods will appear as procedures.


VPMApp Class Properties