Access Levels Security

There is additional security behind the Users and Passwords forms. On the Users form, the Access Level field is holds the users Access Level. As soon as one user has an A in the Access Level field, Access Levels security is turned on for an application.

Once Access Levesls security is turned on, the Access Level values in the Access Level field on the Users form have the following meaning:

       Blank: The user will not be allowed to access the Users or Passwords forms.

       A-Z: The user can access the Users or Passwords forms, but the user will only be able to view users whose Access Level is blank or less than or equal to her own Access Level. Level A is the highest and Z is the lowest Access Level. A user cannot assign an Access Level higher than her own. If an A Access Level has not been assigned when a user enters the Users form, Access Level Security is turned off and the user can view all records and enter any Access Level.

Warning: If youre the system supervisor, be sure you turn on Access Level Security by assigning yourself an A Access Level before you give another user an A. If you turn on Access Level security by giving another user an A first, and you now cant access the Users or Passwords forms, see User Security Mistakes and How to Recover.


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