Activating the Form Toolbar with No Application Toolbar

The ShowNavToolbar method of the application object is run from the Activate event of forms to instantiate the VPME Form Toolbar. ShowNavToolbar must be run from the Activate method so that when reactivating a form already on the desktop, the toolbar used by that form will be activated.

Problem: If your application is not using the Application Toolbar (see Application Toolbar), you see a downward shift of the form when the Form Toolbar is activated.

Solution: If you also run the ShowNavToolbar method from a formís Init method, you wonít see the downward shift.

You can use the lShowNavToolbarInit property of a form to activate the Form Toolbar from the formís Init method as well as the Activate method. The lShowNavToolbarInit property has a default value of .F., meaning that the Form Toolbar is not activated from the Init method. Changing this property to .T. will activate the Form Toolbar from the Init event.


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