Admin Tools Selection

The Admin Tools Selection dialog lets you choose the ProMatrix administrative tools that you want in your application.

If you uncheck an administrative tool on this dialog, that tool will not be included in the application you distribute to users. You can change your selections at any time prior to the time you build the .APP or .EXE file you distribute.

What To Do If You Exclude Certain Tools

VPM Enterprise automatically adds files to a new project for several of the administrative tools. If you choose to exclude one of those tools from your application, you will need to manually remove the files and the interface to them from your project. The table below shows the Admin menu options and files to delete when a tool is excluded. The files to delete may include data, form, program and report files depending on the tool.

Tip: You must use the Data Builder/Manager to delete the tables, views and CursorAdapters. That will purge the records related to the tables/views from the project's data dictionary.

You need to look in the projectís home, \FORMS, \PRGS AND \REPORTS directories to find the other files to delete.

Tool Excluded

Menu Option


Activity Tracking



Audit Trail

Audit Trail


Error Handling



Help - Menu/Window

Help menu options


Security - Controls

Security - Control Permission Groups

SVPMControlGroupDefinitions.*, SVPMControlPermissionGroups.*, SVPMControlSecurityForms.*, Modify Users form (Users class)

Security - Field

Security - Field Permission Groups

SVPMFieldPermissionGroups.*, Modify Users form (Users class)

Security - Menu

Security - Menu Permission Groups

SVPMMenuOptions.*, SVPMMenuPermissionGroups.*, Modify Users form (Users class)

Security - User Access


SDATAUsers.*, SVPMControlGroupDefinitions.*, SVPMControlPermissionGroups.*, SVPMControlSecurityForms.*, SVPMFieldPermissionGroups.*, SVPMMenuOptions.*, SVPMMenuPermissionGroups.*, SVPMSecurityData.*


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