Application Toolbar Class – Toolbar_App

The Toolbar_App class is the blueprint for the standard VPM Enterprise Application Toolbar. It is a subclass of the Toolbar_ class. The Toolbar_App class is contained in the VPMAPP.VCX, DEVAPP.VCX and PROAPP.VCX class libraries. The application object instantiates the Application Toolbar when an application starts.

Tip: You can subclass the Toolbar_App class to create your own Application Toolbar class with additional buttons and functionality. We recommend that you put your subclass in your own class library so that VPM Enterprise updates do not overwrite your subclass.

Application Class Application Toolbar Properties

The cAppToolbar and cAppToolbar_ClassLibrary properties of the application object contain the name and class library of the Application Toolbar class to instantiate at application startup. By default, cAppToolbar contains “Toolbar_App” and cAppToolbar_ClassLibrary contains “PROApp”.

No Application Toolbar: If you do not want an Application Toolbar, simply remove “Toolbar_App” from the cAppToolbar property in the PROApp or DEVApp class.

How to Use Your Own Application Toolbar

If you want your own Application Toolbar to be instantiated at application startup, simply put the name of your Application Toolbar class in the cAppToolbar property and the name of the class library that contains your Application Toolbar in the cAppToolbar_ClassLibrary property.

·       Specific Application: If you want your Application Toolbar to be used with a specific application, fill in the properties of the PROApp class in your application’s PROAPP.VCX class library. (Your application’s PROAPP.VCX is located in your application’s Home directory.)

·       All Applications: If you want your Application Toolbar to be used with all your applications, fill in the properties of the VPMApp class in the VPMAPP.VCX class library or the DEVApp class in the DEVAPP.VCX class library.

Also, be sure to enter the name of the class library that contains your Toolbar class into one of the cClassLibrary_Addition properties of the PROApp application class so that the class library will be loaded when your application starts. See Opening Your Class Libraries At Application Startup.

Application Toolbar Object Reference - oAppToolbar

When a VPM Enterprise application starts, the InstantiateApplicationToolbar method of the application object instantiates the Application Toolbar identified by the cAppToolbar and cAppToolbar_ClassLibrary properties and places the Toolbar’s object reference in the oAppToolbar property of the application object. Therefore, once instantiated, the Application Toolbar’s object reference is “_SCREEN.oApp.oAppToolbar”.

When an application is exited, the application object’s Cleanup method removes the Application Toolbar.


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