Assign Control Groups to Forms

Select the Control Security Forms option from the Security Builder menu on the VPME Tools menu. VPME displays the Control Security Forms form for your application. The records on this form link Control Groups to forms and form classes.

You need to enter a record on the Control Security Forms form for every form or form class from which a form will be instantiated in your application that will have Controls Security.

Tip – System Form Classes: When VPME creates your starter application, it adds a record for every system form class for which you might want Controls Security. The “TOOLBAR_ALL” Control Group ID is entered for each system form class.

Here’s what you need to enter for each form or form class:

·       Form Name: Enter the contents of the form or form class Name property or cCSAltFormName property, whichever uniquely identifies the form (as described above).

·       Form Caption: Enter a form caption that you want to display to identify the form on the Control Permissions dialog. The Control Permissions dialog is the dialog application administrators will use to set control permissions for users.

·       Control Group IDs: Enter a comma-delimited list of the Control Groups that contain Control IDs of controls on the form.

The records you enter on the Control Security Forms form are stored in the SVPMControlSecurityForms.DBF table.


How Your Controls Security Setup Is Applied