As You Enter the Sample Application

As you enter the Sample Application, you’ll discover some special features that you may want to use in your applications.


When User Access Security is turned on, you will be greeted by the Login dialog.

You can’t go any farther until you enter a valid User ID and Password. Enter “User” (case sensitive) in the User ID field and “123456” in the Password field. Click OK.

From this point the Sample Application will be tracking where you go and what you do.

Welcome Form

After you log in, the Sample Application displays the Welcome form.

You can use the Welcome form in your applications to welcome users and to display an important message that users should see when they run your application.

A starter Welcome form is automatically included when you create a new application.

Click the Continue button on the Welcome form to move on.

Tip of the Day Form

After the Welcome form, the Sample Application displays the Tip of the Day form.

VPME applications display a Tip of the Day form at startup by default. You can use the Tip of the Day form to display tips that you enter using the Tip Manager on your application’s Admin menu. Administrators of your application can also enter tips through the Tip Manager. You can even enter language translations for tips.

VPME automatically includes a Tip of the Day form when you create a new application.

Click the Close button on the Tip of the Day form to move on.

Access Form, Access Panel and App Toolbar

The Sample Application displays an Access Form and Application Toolbar.

Some developers like to provide access to their applications by displaying a form when an application starts that replaces or supplements the menu. The Access Form is a device that VPM Enterprise provides for you to do this. Click the links on the Access Form to display the data maintenance forms.

You can close the Access Form or leave it open as you continue your tour of the Sample Application. If you close the Access Form, you can display it again by clicking the Access Form button on the Application Toolbar or by selecting the Access Form option on the Help menu.

Access Panel

Some developers like to provide user access to their applications by displaying an Access Panel (vertical toolbar) with command buttons that lead the user to important application functionality. The VPME Sample Application displays an Access Panel on the left side of the application window that provides access to important forms. Click the buttons on the Access Panel to display the Employees, Job Status and other forms included.

VPME makes it easy for you to display your own Access Panel toolbar. VPME provides a “starter” toolbar class that you can modify to create your own Access Panel toolbar. You can use the Sample Application Access Panel toolbar as a model.

Application Toolbar

The Application Toolbar allows you to provide toolbar access to any special application functionality that users might need at any time in your application.

When VPM Enterprise creates an application for you, it automatically provides an Application Toolbar with Report Manager, Print Form, Access Panel, Access Form and Help buttons. You can easily add buttons that provide any other functionality users of your application need. See the Application Toolbar chapter to learn how to modify the Application Toolbar.


VPM Enterprise helps you display a graphic logo and a copyright notice in the application window. The logo can use a .bmp, .gif or .jpg file.

The Logo and Icons dialog on the Options menu in VPM Enterprise lets you select and position a graphic logo that VPM Enterprise will automatically display in your application’s main window. See the Logo and Icons of the Application Options chapter to learn all about displaying a logo.

VPM Enterprise automatically displays a copyright notice at the bottom of an application’s main window. VPM Enterprise creates the copyright notice using the information you enter into the Developer Info dialog on the Options menu.

Tip: If you want, you can allow users to turn off the display of your logo and copyright notice through the Environment dialog reached from the Admin menu.


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