Auto List the Picklist Help

VPME can provide Auto List functionality for Picklist Help. With Auto List functionality turned on, (1) Picklist Help will automatically appear when a field fails validation and (2) if the Validation Option you select for a field does not include Null and if Null is not a valid entry, users can hit the tab or enter key when the focus is initially placed on the field to bring up Picklist Help right away.

Turning On Auto List Functionality

Follow these rules to turn on Auto List functionality for a field’s Picklist Help:

·       Auto List Check Box Controlling: You use the Auto List check box on the Referential and Set validation Integrity pages in the Data Builder to turn on Auto List functionality for a field if:

·       Combobox_: The field is placed on a form with the VPME Combobox_ control;

·       Textbox_: The field is placed on a form with the VPME Textbox_ control; or

·       Grid: The field is placed in a grid with either the VPME Combobox_ or Textbox_ control.

Picklist Table Not Editable with Auto List

When VPM's Auto List functionality displays Picklist Help, the Picklist table is not editable when the Picklist grid form is displayed. The Add and Edit buttons are not visible on the Picklist grid form in this case. This is true even if the field’s Picklist table has been set up to be editable (see Editing the Picklist Table).

Reason: The Auto List feature is run from the Valid event of a control. A Picklist table edit form cannot be brought up from the Valid event without generating errors when the SetFocus method is run.


Editing the Picklist Table