A Word from One Developer to Another

If you are using VPM Enterprise, you must be an application developer. Therefore, you are probably as concerned about software license agreements and software copyrights as we are.

Like you, we put a great deal of effort into the creation of our software products.  If the users of your applications donít respect your software license, your effort will not be rewarded as it should.  All developers must encourage adherence to software licenses by their own conduct.  Developers must discourage the use of software contrary to the license and encourage an atmosphere of compliance.

Please read the VPM Enterprise Software License Agreement that is displayed during installation carefully and thoroughly. Your license of VPM Enterprise allows you to:

∑       Use your copy of VPM Enterprise on an office computer, a home computer and a portable computer. However, each individual user must have their own VPM Enterprise license. If you install VPM Enterprise on a LAN, a license is required for each person accessing VPM Enterprise on the LAN. Contact ProMatrix Corporation for additional VPM Enterprise licenses as needed.

∑       If you need to distribute your applicationís source code to a customer, the customer must license a copy of VPM Enterprise. Contact ProMatrix Corporation for copies of VPM Enterprise for your customers as needed.

We are confident that as a developer you will honor the VPM Enterprise license.  After all, you want your application users to honor your license agreements too.


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