Basic Steps to a VPME Multilingual Application

VPME Multilingual is organized so that creating a VPME Multilingual application is a step-by-step process. The basic steps are shown below.

1. New Project – Starter Application

Just like any VPME application, you begin by selecting the New Project option on the VPME File menu to let VPME create a starter application for you. See New Project.

2. Build Application

After Visual ProMatrix creates a starter VPME Multilingual application for you, you build the application just like you would build any VPME application. You build your menu, data, forms, reports and other application objects just as always.

3. Create Translations

Because you are building a VPME Multilingual application, one of the final steps in your application’s construction is the translation of the application’s messages and strings into the various languages in which you want your application to run. The Multilingual: Managing Languages, Multilingual:Creating Message Translations, and Multilingual:Creating String Translations chapters show you how to create and enter the translations of your messages and strings, as well as how to localize other elements of your application.

That’s It!

That’s it! We have made the creation of VPME Multilingual applications as simple as possible. There’s no special code for you to write or insert in your application. The application user interface is taken care of for you.

The Details

Now, continue with this and the following Multilingual chapters to learn the details of how to create spectacular multilingual applications.

The Starting a New Application chapter in this User’s Guide describes how to start a new VPME application. Refer to that chapter for general information about starting a new VPME application. The remainder of this chapter describes how VPME Multilingual modifies the process of starting a VPME application. This chapter shows you:

·       How to start a new VPME Multilingual application.

·       How to select the “Application Language”.

·       How to build your VPME Multilingual application.

·       What VPME Multilingual adds to a VPME project.

The section What VPME Multilingual Adds to a VPME Project is an important section. It introduces you to the fundamental elements of a VPME Multilingual application. Read that section carefully.


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