The Browse utility provides a quick way to view data during the development process. A view browse is read-only.

When you click the Browse button, you will be prompted for the view parameters (filters) that you have set up.

·       To browse all records enter “%”for character fields. For numeric and date/datetime fields that are filtered on a range of values enter the appropriate high or low value that will cause no records to be filtered out.

·       If you want to browse selected records, enter filter values that will select the records you want. For example, if you have a FIND filter on an employee last name field (LNAME), entering “B%” for your FINDLNAME filter will return all employees with last names that begin with “B”.

VPM Enterprise displays a standard Visual FoxPro browse of the selected view.

Tip: In most end applications the Browse button should probably be disabled or removed from the Data Manager. To disable or remove the Browse button, select Data Manager on the Object Builder Admin menu and edit the Data Manager form in the Visual FoxPro Form Designer.


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