Building Data

Before you start building your application’s forms, programs, reports, queries and labels, use the VPM Enterprise Data Builder to create the application’s databases, tables, views and CursorAdapters and to set up table, view, CursorAdapter and field properties. The Data Builder is one of the most important parts of VPM Enterprise.

This chapter and the following six Data Builder chapters provide everything you need to know to use the Data Builder. The Data Builder chapters cover:

·       Building Data: The Data Builder: Explains what the Data Builder is, why we have it, and how to use it with the VFP Database Designer.

·       Building Data: Databases: How to create and manage databases and free tables.

·       Building Data: Tables: How to create and manage tables and set up Data Builder table properties.

·       Building Data: Views: How to create and manage local and remote views and set up Data Builder view properties.

·       Building Data: CursorAdapters: How to create and manage CursorAdapters and set up Data Builder CursorAdapter properties.

·       Building Data: Fields: How to set up and use Data Builder field properties.

·       Building Data: Picklist Help: How to set up a picklist of valid entries for fields on forms.


What is the Data Builder?