Building Field Help

VPM Enterprise provides special Help features designed just for data fields. These special features make it easier for you to create field Help and for end-users to access field help.

Field Picklist Help

You choose how a data field is validated when you select the field’s Integrity Type in the Data Builder. If you choose the “Set” Integrity Type, you can enter a set of values that defines the domain of the field. If you choose the “Referential” Integrity Type, you pick the primary key of another table, view or CursorAdapter that defines the field’s domain. In either case, you have defined a list of values that represents the valid entries for a field.

When you are editing a field that has the Set or Referential Integrity Type, pressing the F2 key or right-clicking the field and selecting Picklist from the shortcut menu will bring up a Help window showing the list of valid entries for the field. If you double click or press Enter on a value in the list, the value will be placed in the field.

See the Building Data: Picklist Help chapter for all the details on building and using Picklist Help.

Field Help Text

The field Help subpage on a field’s Edit page in the Data Builder allows you to enter Help text for a field. When a user is editing a field with Help text, pressing F3 will bring up a Help window displaying the text.

Pressing Alt-F3 brings up the Help window and lets the user edit the field Help text.  You can restrict this editing feature to selected users through the Users screen reached from an application’s Admin - Securities menu.


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