Building HTML or Windows-Style Help

VPM Enterprise supports graphical HTML or Windows-style Help. Graphical Help provides the following benefits:

       Consistent Interface: A consistent user interface is a fundamental principle of the Windows paradigm. Windows users expect HTML or Windows-style Help.

       Navigation and Graphics: HTML or Windows-style Help provides built-in navigational (jumps, browses, bookmarks) and graphics capabilities that allow you to create a very user-friendly help system.

       Contents: A contents page provides a hierarchical view of the topics in your Help system.

       Index: An index based on keywords provides quick access to specific information.

       Search: Full-text search capabilities allow you to search for information in Help based on specific words and phrases.

Building a Help file from scratch is a very difficult job. You need a tool that will handle most of the tedious work for you. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available to help you build HTML or Windows-style Help. We use Doc-To-Help from ComponentOne, but there are other similar tools that can do the job.

With Doc-To-Help, you create your Help file as a Microsoft Word document. Doc-To-Help then turns your Word document into an online help file that a VPME application can use.



Help File Name