Building Reports, Labels & Queries

With VPM Enterprise you can build reports and labels that run:

·       From VPM Enterprise's Report Manager, 

·       From menu options, or

·       As Called Objects.

VPM Enterprise automatically puts the Report Manager in every application you build. Users of your applications can run the reports you create and create their own reports through the Report Manager.

With VPM Enterprise you can build Visual FoxPro queries as Menu Objects or Called Objects. Because Visual FoxPro does not support the Query Designer in .EXE files, end users cannot modify a query in an application unless you distribute it as an .APP file.

Reports Means Labels: You follow the same basic steps in VPM Enterprise to create Visual FoxPro reports and labels. Wherever this chapter talks about reports, it means labels as well.

Choosing Report Manager Functionality

By default, the VPM Enterprise Report Manager allows users of your applications to edit and run reports. In some cases, it may not be appropriate for users to edit reports. It may only be appropriate for some users to run reports.

Accordingly, VPME lets the developer and application users choose the functionality provided by the VPME Report Manager. You can choose whether (a) an application’s Report Manager allows both editing and running reports or (b) the Report Manager only allows running reports. What’s more, an application administrator can choose the Report Manager functionality for each user. See Configuring the Report Manager.


Report Builder / Manager