Bypassing VPME Error Handling

Two methods of the application object allow you to temporarily bypass VPME error handling so that you can trap an error at the point in the code where it occurs.

       BypassErrorHandling_Start: The BypassErrorHandling_Start method turns VPME error handling off. If the BypassErrorHandling_Start method is passed .T., any error that occurs before the BypassErrorHandling_Stop method is run will be logged in the Errors table.

       BypassErrorHandling_Stop: The BypassErrorHandling_Stop method turns VPME error handling back on. The BypassErrorHandling_Stop method returns a value of .T. or .F. depending whether an error occurred.

A common usage of these methods would be:



<code that might cause error you want to trap>

IF _SCREEN.oApp.BypassErrorHandling_Stop()

   <code to handle error>



Deleting/Adding/Cloning Application Objects