Called Objects

The VPM Enterprise Object Editors also organize your access to  "called objects". A “called object” is an Application Object called by another Application Object.  For example, if a form calls a program from a command button valid event, that program is a called object.

An Application Object’s Object Editor contains a list box in which you can enter the names of the objects it calls. When you select a called object on the list, you can access the Object Editor for that Application Object.

Normally, a developer needs to work on an Application Object and the objects it calls at the same time. Until VPM Enterprise, no application development system provided a way to link called and calling objects so they could be easily accessed together. VPM Enterprise makes this link through the Object Editors.

Every Application Object’s Object Editor shows you the objects that it calls directly. In turn, a called object’s Object Editor can list objects that it calls directly. There is no limit to the depth to which called objects can be stacked through the Object Editors.


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