Controlling Editing and Running of Application Objects

“Application Objects” mean the forms, programs, reports, labels and queries in your application. VPM Enterprise provides the two programs listed below that are run when you edit a form, program, report, label or query through the VPME Object Builder - see Object Builder. These programs are external to the VPM Enterprise application. Their purpose is to give you a place to add code to gain additional control over the development environment and to interface with 3rd-party products.

·       SAPPUOB.PRG: This program is run prior to an Application Object being edited or run from an Object Editor - see Object Editors. If this program returns a value of .F., the Application Object is not allowed to be edited or run. This program is not run if an Application Object is run after editing the object from an Object Editor (for example, when a form is run from the VFP Form Designer).

·       SAPPUOBC.PRG: This program is run after an Application Object is run from an Object Editor or when the Object Editor used to edit the Application Object is closed.

You can find both of these programs in the VPME91\PRGS directory.

At this point, the use of these two programs may appear confusing to you, but as you work with VPME, you may discover uses for them.


User-Created Project Programs