Copy Files

The Copy Files option on the Update Builder menu brings up the Copy Files Selection form where you select the project files to be distributed in the update.

When the Copy Files form is first displayed, it is positioned to the project home directory. Navigate through the project directories and select the project files to copy to the update directory. As you select project files, they are listed in the Selected Files box at the bottom of the form.

When you click OK, VPM Enterprise copies the selected files to the update directory.

Note that if a selected table is a table in a database and/or has an index, that database and index must be included with the files to be distributed. This is necessary so that the table can be opened and then updated.

This option can be run as many times as necessary to copy files to the update directory. If you select a file that is already in the update directory, the selected file will overwrite the version in the update directory.

Once the files have been copied to the update directory, tables may need to be modified so that they contain the data appropriate for installation on a userís PC.


Enter the Data Update Rules