Copy Project

Instead of beginning a new application with a fresh VPME starter application, you can begin a new application with a copy, or clone, of one of your existing VPME projects. This would be an appropriate choice if your new application is basically a modification of an existing application.

When you select Copy Project on the VPME File menu, VPM Enterprise creates a copy of an existing VPME project for you. The files in the project you choose to copy are copied to new project directories. From that point, you use VPMEís builders and tools to modify and complete your new application.

ō To start a new application by copying an application

1.   Select Copy Project on the VPME File menu. VPM Enterprise displays the Select Project dialog.

2.   Highlight the project you wish to copy and click Select. VPM Enterprise displays the Copy Project dialog.

3.   Enter the new projectís name and version number. Change the new projectís suggested home directory if you wish. Click Copy.

VPM Enterprise copies the files in the existing projectís home directory to the home directory of the new project. VPME also copies the existing projectís \DATA, \FORMS, \MENUS, \PRGS and \REPORTS subdirectories to the new projectís home directory. If you have created other subdirectories in the existing project that you wish to copy, you must copy those subdirectories to the new projectís home directory manually.

Application Prefix: The new project has the same application prefix as the existing project.


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