Create Distribution Files

After the files you want to include in the update are in the update directory created with the Copy Files option, select Create Distribution Files on the Update Builder menu. VPM Enterprise displays the Create Distribution Files form.

The text on the Create Distribution Files form indicates that it is now time to run an installer program to create the update’s distributions files. It also describes how you can run the InstallShield Express installer program that is installed with Visual FoxPro.

The installer program should be run against the update directory created in the Copy Files option. To have the Update Utility EXE run automatically during the update installation, SAppUpd.EXE (or a different name if you have modified the Update Utility) can be specified as a post-setup executable for your installer program. Otherwise, the Update Utility EXE can be run after the update files have been installed. The update files can be installed in any empty or new directory.


Anatomy of the Update Utility