Creating Application Objects: Basic Steps

You take the following steps to create each type of Application Object. You can create an Application Object from an Object Builder menu prompt or from an Object Editorís Called Objects list. Each step is described in detail in this chapter.

1.    Object Builder

   On the Object Builder menu, click the menu prompt that runs the Application Object. VPM Enterprise displays the New Object Type dialog.

2.    New Object Type

   On the New Object Type dialog, select the type of Application Object you want to create. Click OK. VPM Enterprise displays the New Object Name dialog.

3.    New Object Name

   On the New Object Name dialog, enter a file name for the new Application Object. Click OK. VPM Enterprise displays the Object Editor for the type of Application Object youíre creating.

4.    Object Editors

   On the Object Editors you can access everything you need to create an Application Object.

5.    Edit

   Click Edit on an Object Editor to access the edit tool for that Application Object  type ó either the Form Designer, Report Designer, Text Editor or Query Designer. Using the appropriate edit tool, you create the Application Object.

Thatís the basic procedure. The procedure varies slightly if youíre creating an Application Object that doesnít run directly from a menu option. In that case, you can employ VPM Enterprise's Called Objects facility. This and other variations in the procedure are described in detail in the following sections of this chapter.


Object Builder