Creating Message Translations Overview

As you build a VPM Enterprise application, you can use the Message Builder in VPME or the Message Manager in your application to create form, status bar and wait window messages.

To complete a VPME Multilingual application, you must create translations of the application messages for each of the languages in the application. You use the Message Translations form reached from the application’s Admin menu to create message translations.

Tip – Use Message Manager to Create Messages: While you can use either the Message Builder or the Message Manager to create messages, we recommend that you use your application’s Message Manager. The Message Manager automatically creates a Message Translations record for each language in your application when you save a new message. The Message Builder does not. Using the Message Manager will save you the trouble of having to manually create Message Translations records to hold message translations.

This chapter shows you how to create message translations.

Tip – New Project Message Translations Templates: You will not need to create translations for the messages that Visual ProMatrix puts into a starter application for the languages for which you have New Project Message Translations Templates. For those languages, you will only need to translate the messages that you add to the application. However, for languages for which you do not have a New Project Message Translations Template, you will need to translate all application messages. You can create New Project Message Translations Templates using Language Templates from ProMatrix Corporation, or you can create your own.


Messages and Message Translations