Creating Reports for Menu Options

An application can run a report directly from a menu option or as a Called Object. 

Tip - Examples: You might want to set up a report to run from a menu option if the report is part of a series of steps that perform a process. For example, in a payroll system you might place a menu option to print a payroll control report right after the option that runs payroll calculations. The menu option for the payroll control report would be a reminder that the report should be printed and reviewed before printing payroll checks. You would also set up a report to run from a menu option if you wanted to use VPME's menu security to restrict user access to the report.

You begin the creation of a report run from a menu option just like you begin the creation of any other Application Object in VPM Enterprise. 

Need Help Starting: See How to Begin Creating a New Application Object in the Creating Application Objects chapter.

You can create a report as a Menu Object or a Called Object. In either case, you select Report or Label as the new object type on the New Object dialog and enter a file name for the report. After you enter the reportís name, VPM Enterprise displays the report Object Editor and adds the report to the Report Builder/Manager list.

The report Object Editorís Edit button performs the same functions as the Report Managerís Report Editor.

To complete the creation of a report run from a menu option, go to How to Create a Report with the Report Builder/Manager and complete steps 3 through 5, substituting the report Object Editor for the Report Editor. Complete the remaining steps to test the report and to configure the Report Setup Dialog from the Report Builder/Manager.


Running Reports