Creating String Translations Overview

As you build a VPME Multilingual application, you create interface text, or strings, that are used in form and control property values, menu prompts and report labels.

To complete a VPME Multilingual application, you must create String Translations. To create String Translations, you must:

·       Strings Table: Create a record for each string in the application’s Strings table (SVPMStrings.dbf), and

·       String Translations Table: Enter string translations in the application’s String Translations table (SVPMStringsTranslations.dbf).

This chapter shows you how to create String records and String Translations records and how to enter string translations.

·       See How to Create String Records to learn how to create String records for your application’s strings. You will find that VPME Multilingual provides tools that automate the creation of String records.

·       See Creating Missing String Translations Records and Entering String Translations to learn how to create string translations.

Tip – New Project String Translations Templates: You will not need to create translations for the strings that VPME puts into a starter application for the languages included with VPME. For those languages, you will only need to translate the strings that you add to the application. However, for new languages that you add to an application, you will need to translate all application strings.

How to Use String Translations to Localize Application Elements

Using the Strings and String Translations tables, this chapter also shows you:

·       How to create alternative translations for the same string. See How to Create Alternative Translations for the Same String.

·       How to localize fonts. See How to Localize Fonts.

·       How to localize report fonts. See How to Localize Report Fonts.

·       How to translate report labels. See How to Translate Report Labels.

·       How to localize data sources. See How to Localize Data Sources.

·       How to localize pictures. See How to Localize Pictures.

·       How to localize lookup table descriptions. See How to Localize Lookup Table Descriptions.

·       How to localize Help files. See How to Localize Help Files.

·       How to localize Visual FoxPro functions and commands that display strings. See How to Localize Visual FoxPro Functions and Commands.

·       How to localize compile-time constants. See How to Localize Compile-Time Constants.

·       How form and toolbar strings are translated. See How Form and Toolbar Strings Are Translated.

·       How menu prompts and messages are translated. See How Menu Prompts and Messages Are Translated.

·       How Data Manager strings are translated. See How Data Manager Strings Are Translated.


Strings and String Translations