CursorAdapter Treeview Hierarchy

If you expand the CursorAdapter Libraries node and all subnodes, you will see a treeview hierarcy that shows:

·       the application’s CursorAdapter Libraries in the Data Builder;

·       the CursorAdapters in each CursorAdapter Library; and

·       the fields and tags for each CursorAdapter.

CursorAdapter Libraries node expanded to fields and tags level.

Tip – Tags At Bottom: When you expand a CursorAdapter, table or view in the Data Builder, fields appear first. Depending on the number of fields, you may have to scroll down to see and edit the tags.


·       CursorAdapter Libraries to see the CursorAdapter class libraries in your application.

·       A CursorAdapter class library to see the CursorAdapters in the library.

·       A CursorAdapter to see its fields and tags.

Tip: If CursorAdapters are new to you, you may want to take a moment to visit the Introduction – CursorAdapters to learn more about them.


Databases Treeview Hierarchy