Database Properties

With a database selected in the Data Builder treeview list, the Edit page shows the path to the databaseís file in the Location box if the database file is stored outside the FoxPro path.

Normally, thereís nothing for you to do with the Location field. You only need to make an entry if VPM Enterprise cannot find the database file ó see the following paragraphs.

When you select the Edit page for a database, VPM Enterprise tries to find the database file using the path shown in the Location field. If the Location field is blank, VPM Enterprise tries to find the database file in the current FoxPro path (that is, the project and VPM Enterprise directories).

Most application databases reside in the FoxPro path. If a database resides in the FoxPro path, the Location field on the Properties dialog is blank. VPM Enterprise knows where to find the file when itís needed and doesnít need an entry in the Path field.

If the database resides outside the current FoxPro path, the Location field must contain the path to the table.

Tip: If the database file cannot be found when the Edit page is displayed, the Location field is editable. In this event, you should enter the path to the database file in the Location field, or alternatively, move the database files to the location specified in the Location field or to the projectís \DATA directory. If the Location field contains an incorrect entry, and you donít know the correct path to the database file, you will have to blank out the Path field before you can leave the Properties screen.





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