Data Builder

One of the most important tools that you use to create VPME applications is the VPME Data Builder. The VPME Data Builder is your interface to a fully-active data dictionary that organizes the creation and maintenance of the data in your Visual FoxPro applications. The Data Builder also organizes the entry and maintenance of the business rules that govern your application’s data.

The VPME Data Builder organizes your access to your application’s data.

Coordination with Visual FoxPro Database Container The Visual FoxPro database container (DBC) provides a basic data dictionary for tables and views included in a DBC. The VPM Enterprise Data Builder provides an extended data dictionary for free tables, DBC tables, views and CursorAdapters and CursorAdapters. The Building Data: The Data Builder chapter describes how the VPME Data Builder is coordinated with the VFP DBC.

The VPM Enterprise Data Builder provides one place to define all the properties of an application’s databases, tables, views, CursorAdapters and fields.  The Data Builder provides predefined routines for field validation.

You can even include the Data Builder in your applications if you need to give users access to the tools and features the Data Builder contains. VPM Enterprise is the only Visual FoxPro application framework that can put a data dictionary interface in end-applications.

The VPM Enterprise Data Builder is a key component of VPME applications.  As you will see, the Data Builder provides functionality that permeates your application development with VPM Enterprise.



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