Data Builder Interface

Treeview Presentation: You access the data components of your application through a hierarchical treeview control on the List page.

List and Edit Pages: You select a data component on the List page and then edit the component on the Edit page.

CursorAdapters, Databases and Free Tables

The top level in the Data Builder treeview hierarchy consists of three nodes: CursorAdapter Libraries, Databases and Free Tables. Every data component in your application falls under one of those three nodes, or data categories.

The VPM Enterprise Data Builder Top Level Nodes

You access your applications data dictionary components starting with one of the  three top-level treeview nodes:

       CursorAdapter Libraries: You access CursorAdapter libraries, CursorAdapters, and CursorAdapter fields and tags starting with the CursorAdapter Libraries node.

       Databases: You access Visual FoxPro databases, and their tables, local views and remote views, and their fields and tags starting with the Databases node.

       Free Tables: You access free tables and their fields and tags starting with the Free Tables node.

When you select a data component in the tree, basic identifying information about the component is displayed at the bottom of the Data Builder, buttons that can act with the component are enabled on the Data Builder, and data dictionary information for the component can be edited on the Edit page of the Data Builder.


CursorAdapter Treeview Hierarchy

Databases Treeview Hierarchy

Free Tables Treeview Hierarchy