Deleting a Language

If you need to delete a language from an application, you can use either the Language Builder or Language Manager to do it.

With the Language record of the language you want to delete displayed in the Language Builder or Language Manager, simply click the Delete button on the Form Toolbar. Click Yes on the dialog that confirms your intent to delete the language.

The language’s record is deleted from SVPMLanguages.dbf, and the language’s translations records are deleted from SVPMMessageTranslations.dbf and SVPMStringTranslations.dbf.

Caution: Deleting a language from an application is a destructive process. When you delete a language, your Message and String Translations will be permanently lost. Consequently, be sure you really want to delete a language before you do so. You may want to back up the application’s Message and String Translations tables, SVPMMessageTranslations.dbf and SVPMStringTranslations.dbf, before deleting a language just in case you discover later that you need the language’s translations records.


Setting Language Date Properties