Developer Information

The Developer Information dialog allows you to identify the developer of an application and to record information about the project.

VPM Enterprise uses this information to personalize your application.

When you create a new project, VPM Enterprise automatically copies information from the New Project Developer Information dialog on the PM-Admin - Setup menu to the fields in the Developer box on this Developer Info dialog.

VPM Enterprise automatically inserts the developer information into:

·       A copyright notice at the beginning of the .PRG files of programs and functions you create.

·       The Help - About dialog of  your application.

·       The copyright notice at the bottom of your application’s main window.

·       The Visual FoxPro Project Manager for the application.

If you change the developer information, ProMatrix will display the new information on your application’s Help - About dialog and main window copyright notice.  However, ProMatrix does not change the developer information already inserted in the copyright notice in .PRG files you’ve already created.