Developer Menu

The VPM Enterprise Main Menu has a Developer menu appended to it. You can modify and add options to the Developer menu so that you can access other tools or VFP menu options without leaving VPM.

The Developer menu is SAPPFDEV.MNX located in the \VPME91\MENUS directory. Here’s how you would modify the Developer menu.

·       Run VFP.

·       Use the VFP Menu Designer to modify the Developer menu.

·       With the VFP Menu Designer still open, run the Generate option on the Menu menu.

When you run VPM, your Developer menu modifications and additions should appear.

Warning: An option you add to the Developer menu could generate an error because it conflicts with VPM Enterprise. If errors occur, remove the offending option from the Developer menu.


If you Exit to FoxPro from the VPM Enterprise File menu to use the VFP Menu Designer, your Developer menu will be generated using GENMENUX. GENMENUX is a public domain FoxPro utility used by VPM Enterprise to generate its menus.

Some users have encountered problems generating the Developer menu with GENMENUX. Consequently, we suggest that you run Visual FoxPro independently of VPM Enterprise to modify the Developer menu and make sure you are using Visual FoxPro’s GENMENU (not GENMENUX) when you do so.


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