You can control Visual FoxPro and VPM Enterprise system and environment settings through the Environment option on an application’s Admin menu.

All of the settings on the Environment dialog are standard Visual FoxPro environment settings except the four described below.

Exit Confirm

When you exit an application, a dialog appears to confirm your intent. This dialog prevents accidentally exiting the application. You can turn off the exit confirmation by unchecking the Exit Confirm check box.


You turn off the display of an application logo by unchecking the Logo check box.

Report Manager Type

Select the Report Manager functionality you want for the application from the Report Manager Type combo box. You have the following three choices:

·       Edit & Run: The Report Manager will allow both editing and running reports.

·       Run Only: The Report Manager allows only running reports.

·       By User: The Report Manager will configure its functionality based on the Report Manager Type selected for the user on the Security – Users form. If User Access Security is not on when the application runs, the Report Manager functionality will default to Edit & Run.

Select Report Manager Type for Users: If you select “By User” on the Environment dialog, you must turn on User Access Security and select the Report Manager Type for users on the Security – Users form. See User Access Security.

Application Language

See Select Application Language.