Field Create Tag Property

You can create an index tag definition automatically for a field in a view or CursorAdapter by clicking the Create Tag button on the field’s Properties page.

Tip – Referential Integrity: The Create Tag button is also on the Integrity page of the Data Builder when Referential Integrity is chosen. On the Integrity page, the Create Tag button gives you a quick way to create a new tag that can then be selected in the FK Tag combobox. See Referential Validation.

The Create Tag button is visible only for fields in views and CursorAdapters.

When clicked, the Create Tag button adds a record to the Index Tags table, SDATADDIT, creating an index tag definition. The following rules apply to the creation of the tag definition:

·       If a tag definition already exists with the field as the expression, a new tag definition is not created.

·       The name of the tag is the same as the name of the field. If a tag already exists with that name, a number is added to the field name, starting with “1” and incremented until a unique name is determined.


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