Field Security

Field Security allows the system supervisor to prevent certain users from viewing or making changes to fields on forms. 

·       No Display: You can prevent data from specified fields from being displayed on a form for selected users. 

·       Display Only: You can allow specified fields to be displayed on a form, but prevent the fields from being edited by selected users. 

·       Group Not Individual: Field security is applied to groups of users, not individual users. 

Field Security is disabled if User Access Security is turned off because Field Security requires entry of a User ID to identify a user’s Field Security permissions.

Tip: Distribute your applications with Field Security turned off. This is done because users and their passwords must be set up and field permissions must be assigned before Field Security is turned on through the Admin Tools form. 

Assigning Field Permissions

You assign Field Security permissions to a user by assigning the user to a field permission group. 

1.   Follow the instructions in the “Field Permission Groups Dialog” and “Field Permissions Dialog” sections below to set up field permission groups and to assign group field permissions.

2.   Display the user’s record on the Users form.

3.   Enter the code of the field permission group to which the user should belong in the Field Group field. With the cursor on the Field Group field, press F2 or right-click on the field and select Picklist from the shortcut menu to see a list of the field permission groups that you have set up.

The field restrictions (no display, display only) can be assigned to any field in the Data Builder. See the Field Permissions Page section below for an explanation of how to assign these restrictions to fields and in turn to field permission groups.

Field Permission Groups Dialog

Users that should have the same field permissions can be combined into field permission groups. Users are assigned to a permission group on the Users form.

You reach the Field Permission Groups dialog from the Admin - Security menu.

If you want to find a specific Field Permission Group, enter the Field Group code in the Find form and click OK. Otherwise, click OK and the first Field Permission Group record in order by Group Code will be displayed.

Click the New button on the toolbar to add a record for a new Field Permission Group. The fields and button on the Field Permission Groups dialog are described below.

·       Group Code: A three character code to identify the group.

·       Description: A descriptive title for the group.

·       Comments: A place to describe the group.

·       Permissions: Click the Permissions button to bring up the Field Permissions dialog to assign field permissions to the group. See the next section.

Field Permissions Dialog

You use the Field Permissions dialog to assign field permissions (restrictions) to Field Permission Groups.

The Field Permissions dialog lists the tables, views and CursorAdapters in a treeview that is identical to the treeview on the List page of the Data Builder. You use the treeview to navigate to a field in a table, view or CursorAdapter and assign a restriction to it. By default, all fields are set to “None” (no restriction).

You must set Field Permissions for each Field Permissions Group that you create.

To set Field Permissions for a field, select the field in the treeview on the Field Permissions dialog. Click one of the option buttons in the Restrictions box.


·       None: Click on the None option button to allow users in the Field Permissions Group to view and edit the field.

·       Display Only: Click on the Display Only option button to allow users in the group to view the data in the field but not make changes to it. A “(*)” is added to the right of the field’s description in the treeview list.

·       No Display: Click on the No Display option button to signify that users in the highlighted group cannot view or make changes to the data in this field. A “(x)” is added to the right of the field’s description in the treeview list.

 When you click OK, a record is added to the security table, SVPMSecurityData, for each field for which a restriction has been assigned.

Displaying Field Labels - lRemoveWithControl

A property, lRemoveWithControl, is included in the Label_ control class. The default, .T., means that when the control that is associated with the label is not displayed due to Field Security, the label is also not displayed. If you want the label to still be visible, set this property to .F..


Making a Form Read-Only by User