Fields List and Edit Pages


You manage the fields in your project's tables, views and CursorAdapters through the options in the VPM Enterprise Data Builder.

List Page

When you select a table, view or CursorAdapter in the treeview on the Data Builder List page, expand the item list to see the fields in the table, view or CursorAdapter.

The fields are listed in their natural, or actual, order in the table, view or CursorAdapter. You can change the order to alphabetic by clicking the Name Field Order option button at the bottom of the List page. Click the Description option button to list the fields in alphabetical order by the field descriptions to the right of the field names. Click the Natural option button to return to natural field order.

Edit Page

With a field selected on the List page, click the Edit page. Through the Properties, Integrity, Code and Help sub-pages on the Edit page, you can set up Field Properties, Field Integrity rules, Field-level data-driven developer code, and Field-level help.

The remainder of this chapter describes how you use the sub-pages of the Edit page to set up and maintain fields in the Data Builder.    


Field Properties