Form Toolbar - Overview

VPM Enterprise provides a Form_Toolbar form class, specialized form subclasses and Toolbar classes that make it easy for you to create forms with Toolbar controls. You will find the Form_Toolbar class, the specialized form subclasses and the Toolbar classes in the VPMFORMS.VCX, DEVFORMS.VCX and PROFORMS.VCX class libraries.

The VPM Enterprise Toolbar controls let you select records, navigate among records and update records on a form. You can choose to place the Toolbar controls on an external Toolbar or directly on the form.

This chapter begins by briefly describing the Toolbar classes. Later sections of the chapter cover:

·       The Toolbar Controls: Each Toolbar control is described.

·       How to Build and Use the ProMatrix Condition Builder: The VPM Enterprise Condition Builder is an interface used with the Toolbar Locate, Filter and Group Delete controls (see ProMatrix Condition Builder) and the Report Setup dialog’s For and While options (see Using the Report Setup Dialog).

·       How to Build the Toolbar List Control: The Toolbar List control is the Toolbar control that provides a picklist grid for finding records quickly and easily. When you create a form with a Toolbar, you must run the ProMatrix Toolbar List Builder to select the fields to display in the Toolbar List control grid and to select which grid columns should be sortable or searchable. See ProMatrix Toolbar List Builder.

·       How to Put Toolbar Controls on a Form: See How to Put the Toolbar Controls Directly on a Form.

·       How to Change the Toolbar Used with a Form: See How to Change the Toolbar Used with a Form.

·       How to Disable Toolbar Controls: See How to Disable Toolbar Controls for a Form.

·       How to Remove a Control from the Toolbar: See How to “Remove” a Control from the Toolbar.

·       How to Modify the Print Control: See Print.

·       How to Implement an Edit Mode: See How to Implement an Edit Mode.

·       Activating the Toolbar without an Application Toolbar: See Activating the Form Toolbar with No Application Toolbar to learn how you may want to display the Form Toolbar if your application is not using the VPME Application Toolbar.


The Toolbar Classes