Grid FAQ's

Iíve added a column to a grid, but have noticed that the textbox in the new column is based on the VFP base textbox class. How do I change the class that the control is based on?

To change the class of the control, drop a control from the Control Toolbar onto the column while the grid is in "edit mode" (select the grid, right click, select Edit from popup). Both the old and new controls will then be in the column. You can then delete the old control from the column. To do this:

1.   Bring up the Properties dialog

2.   Select the old control in the object combobox

3.   Close the Properties dialog

4.   Press the Delete key

Why do I get an error when I change the ControlSource property of a control in a grid?

If the error is # 1767, "Parent object will not allow this property setting for <object reference>.ControlSource", the error is telling you that you cannot modify the ControlSource property of the control. This is because the control is bound to the column, and therefore, you must modify the ControlSource property of the column, not the control.


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