Group Delete

When you click the Group Delete toolbar control, VPM Enterprise displays the ProMatrix Condition Builder.

The Group Delete Condition Builder allows you to conditionally delete groups of records using any fields in the Field list for the tables, views and CursorAdapters in the Cursor list.

See ProMatrix Condition Builder to learn how to use the Condition Builder with the Group Delete control.

When you complete building a Condition, clicking the OK button executes the group delete. While VPM Enterprise performs the group delete, it enforces referential integrity and maintains the audit trail. Consequently, the group delete process can seem slow if the active table, view or CursorAdapter is involved in a referential integrity relationship. As records are deleted, the number of records deleted appears in a wait window.

Tip: Pressing the Esc key terminates the group delete.

Tip: When a Group Delete is performed on a view or CursorAdapter cursor, the deletion of records occurs only within the records that are currently in the cursor, which may be only a subset of the records in the source table.