How Menu Prompts and Messages Are Translated

Menu option prompt strings and menu fonts need to be localized.

The menu font is controlled through the Menu item setting on the Display Properties window in Windows.

VPME uses GENMENUX with a driver program, SSysIMnu, to generate an MPR file that allows for the translation of prompts and messages at run-time.

The first time VPME is run after VPME Multilingual is installed, a line is added to the SAppFCnf.fpw configuration file that causes the driver program to be invoked whenever a menu program is generated. The line is as follows:

_MNXDRV2 = <path to VPMs PRGS directory>\SSYSIMNU.PRG.

SSysIMnu modifies the prompts and messages so that they consist of a call to the string translation program TranStr and pass the string and an M Use ID value that identifies the string as a menu string.

Menu prompt strings are stored in the Strinsg table. Menu prompt string translations are stored in the String Translation table.


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