How ProMatrix Augments and Enhances Applications

As you have seen, VPM Enterprise organizes, automates and manages FoxPro application development.  If that was all ProMatrix did, it would provide tremendous value to Visual FoxPro developers, but ProMatrix does much more. 

VPM Enterprise automatically puts powerful tools and features in your applications that would require many months, if not years, to create yourself.    Here are some of the tools and features that VPME includes in your applications:

       Audit Trail

       Activity Tracking

       Form Toolbar - external or internal

       Data Manager - a fully-active data dictionary

       Data Integrity - domain, entity and relational

       Desktop logo entry and display

       Error Handling

       Help - Menus and Forms

       Help - Field Picklists and Text

       Message Manager

       Reindex / Pack Utility

       Related Forms

       Report Manager

       Report Setup dialog

       Security - User Access

       Security - Menu Access

       Security - Controls Access

       Security - Field Access

       Welcome form

       Tip of the Day Form

       Access Form