How ProMatrix Manages Application Development

VPM Enterprise has many tools that help you manage application development.  VPME manages and controls application development in the following ways:

·       Project Tracking: You can use one copy of VPM Enterprise to develop many different projects at the same time. VPM Enterprise keeps track of all the objects in each project. VPME also keeps track of all the projects on your computer. The Projects option on VPME’s PM-Admin menu lists each project developed under your installation of ProMatrix.

·       File Naming and Tracking: When ProMatrix creates a file for an application, it automatically includes an application-specific prefix selected by you in the file name. This prefix helps you easily identify the files that belong to each application. If you develop more than one application at the same time, you’ll really appreciate this feature. See Application <Prefix> File Names.

·       Activity Log: VPM Enterprise records the menu options and objects that you access while working in ProMatrix. You can view this activity log by selecting the Activity option on the PM-Admin menu. ProMatrix puts the same activity log feature in the applications you create.

·       Error Tracking: When an error occurs in VPM Enterprise or during an application test, VPM Enterprise records the error. The information recorded includes all the available data that can help you correct the error. You can view an application’s errors by selecting Test Errors from the Test menu on the Tools menu or by running the application and selecting Errors on the application’s Admin menu.  See VPME Error Handling – Very Important.


How ProMatrix Augments and Enhances Applications