How to Change the Toolbar Used with a Form

cToolBar & cToolbar_ClassLibrary Properties: The Form_Toolbar form class has custom properties called "cToolBar" and “cToolBar_ClassLibrary”. cToolbar contains the name of the toolbar class from which a toolbar will be instantiated when a form is run. cToolBar_ClassLibrary contains the name of the class library that contains the toolbar class specified in cToolbar.

By default, cToolBar contains the ToolBar_All class name and the cToolbar_ClassLibrary contains the PROForms class library name. You can change these properties to reference whatever toolbar class you like.

Subclassing Toolbar_All: You can subclass the Toolbar_All class and make any changes you desire to the subclass. You can then use your new toolbar class by changing the form properties as described in the next two paragraphs.

Specific Forms: If you create your own toolbar class and want to use it with a particular form, simply enter your toolbar class name into the form’s cToolbar property. Enter the name of the class library that contains the toolbar class into the cToolBar_ClassLibrary. Rebuild the application. The next time you run the form your toolbar will appear.

All Forms: If you want to use your own toolbar class with all forms in an application, make the property entries in the properties of the Form_Toolbar class (and subclasses) in the application’s PROFORMS.VCX class library. If you want your own toolbar class to be used by all forms in all applications, make your changes at the VPM or DEV level.


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