How to Create String Records

Before you can enter translations for the strings in a VPME Multilingual application, you must create a record in the Strings table for each string that needs to be translated.

VPME Multilingual provides the following three tools to help you create Strings table records:

1.   Language Builder – Create String Records: The VPME Multilingual Language Builder provides a “Create String Records” utility that you run to create Strings table and String Translations table records for strings that you have entered into known locations, such as the VPME data dictionary, reports and system tables. See Language Builder – Create String Records to learn how to use this utility.

Tip: Run the Language Builder’s Create String Records utility after you have created all or most of the strings that the utility looks for. Run it before you start to enter string translations. Of course, you can always rerun this utility to create records for strings you later add to your application.

2.   Add Missing String Records: As you run and test your VPME Multilingual application while working in Visual ProMatrix, VPME will automatically create Strings table records for strings it encounters in your application. See Add Missing String Records to learn how to set up VPME Multilingual to add missing strings this way.

3.   String Builder or String Manager – Manual Entry: You can always manually enter a string in the Strings table using the String Builder in VPME or String Manager in your application. See String Builder or String Manager – Manual Entry to learn how to manually create a string record.

Tip – Use String Manager to Create String Records: While you can use either the String Builder or the String Manager to create String records, we recommend that you use your application’s String Manager. The String Manager automatically creates a String Translations record for each language in your application when you save a new String record. The String Builder does not. Using the String Manager will save you the trouble of having to manually create String Translations records to hold string translations.


Language Builder - Create String Records