How to Handle Project Files Outside the Project Directories

Normally, all of a VPM Enterprise project's files will be located in the project's directories and in the VPM Enterprise directories. When that is the case, there is nothing more for you to do to put a project under source control than to follow the instructions in preceding sections of this chapter.

However, if you have a VPM Enterprise project that includes files located outside the project and VPM Enterprise directories, you must do the following to put those files under source control:

1.   Before putting the project under source control as described in the preceding section, create Visual SourceSafe projects for the directories that contain the "outside" files just like you created projects for the VPME files you put under source control (see Source Control for VPME Files). The projects you create in VSS for the outside files should be created in the same relative position to the VPME91 project folder as the files' directories bear to the VPME91 directory on your computer.

2.   Open the project in VPM Enterprise and make sure that the outside files are included in the Visual FoxPro Project Manager for the project.

3.   Proceed with the steps described in Source Control for VPME Projects.


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