How to Localize Pictures

Localizing a picture refers to using a different Picture property value for a control based on the language in which a VPME Multilingual application is running.

Localizing a picture is handled exactly the same as localizing a data source (see the previous section), except that:

∑       The property value being localized is for a controlís Picture property instead of the ControlSource property.

∑       The pictures for each language should be stored in files in a subdirectory of the application home directory. You could include the pictures in the VFP Project Manager and build them into your application, but that is not necessary.

∑       When you create the control whose picture needs to be localized, you enter the name of the picture file to be used for the Master Language into the controlís Picture property.

∑       The String ID entered when you create a Strings Record is the value of the controlís Picture property for the Master Language.

∑       The Translated String that you enter for each language on the String Translations form is the name of the picture file to be used for the language.


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